Thursday, June 02, 2005

The 7 Spheres of Influence

* self * family * friends * colleagues * community * society * the Universe In order to grow as human beings, we should strive to expand and enrich our influence at these seven levels. The last one, Universe, is the metaphysical catchall. It includes nature, God, the Infinite, the All. Whatever you like to call it, a growing person cultivates a relationship with it.

The 7 Spinning Plates of Well-Being

* health * relationships * space * work * play * contemplation * personal finance In short, these are the seven aspects of your life you need to pay regular attention to. They are like plates spinning at the top of seven sticks. If you neglect one, it may fall and break. In life, we almost always pay close attention to some of these plates at the expense of others. What can I say? I'm turning 30 in three days. I feel the need to introspect.