Wednesday, September 27, 2006

the Paleo Diet, day 3

I got the book and as of Sunday evening I'm officially on the Paleo Diet. I've done some crazy things, folks. I've done detox diets, I've been vegetarian. But this really takes the cake. Scratch that; Cake is not allowed. Here is a brief summary of what is not allowed on the Paleo Diet: dairy, beans, corn, potatoes, grains, sugar, and salt. This lays devastating waste to the food guide pyramid. Strangely, beer and wine are not prohibited, even though Paleo Man could not have had them. Loren Cordain PhD recommends moderation, of course! I'm only on the third full day, and this is hard. Basically, you can only have lean, fresh meat, fruit, and most vegetables (legumes and the starchy ones excluded). My fervent hope is that once I figure out how to shop for these things and how to make a few delicious meals under these restrictions, that I'll be happy again. I want to give this a good college try, because it promises to bring out the caveman in me!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Paleo Man!

I did not care for my primary care physician at all, so I followed a recommendation from the fine folks at our local natural food store and switched to a very, um, different sort of doctor. Lane Sebring, M.D. spent more time with me in our initial consult than anybody I've ever gone to see before. Here are some highpoints of our visit:
  • He extolled the virtues of hunting and gathering.
  • Vegetarianism and low-cholesterol diets are both vile propaganda.
  • I can choose to juice up my libido with a liberal course of testosterone.
  • His favorite breakfast: a 6 or 8 ounce buffalo steak with a side of spinach.
So he's taking me off statins ("What are they for? Certainly not for your health!") and putting me on the Paleo Diet and I'm going to turn into some kind of primal man. Now we're talking!