Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Setting Up an iPad 2 at Christmas

My father-in-law got an iPad 2 as a surprise gift from my mother-in-law this year. I was excited for him, because I really do think the iPad 2 is an excellent device. I usually recommend Apple stuff to my friends and family, but this is what setup was like yesterday. I realize that half of this is getting a Google account, but still, anyone who is not a super-nerd would probably not make it through this gauntlet!

  1. Go to Settings to create a new Apple ID
  2. Agree to the Apple terms of service.
  3. Decide not to use his UTSA email address, since he might not have it for long
  4. Let’s create a Google account
  5. “an account is already associated with that email” Send a reset email
  6. Go upstairs to boot up the Windows laptop
  7. Connect to VPN. Crazy password.
  8. Open a terminal for some reason. Crazy password again.
  9. Open Outlook. Crazy password for a third time.
  10. Find account reset email, follow link.
  11. Fill out new password form
  12. We still don’t have Gmail. Click the Gmail tab for a new account form.
  13. Try and fail three times to choose an ID which isn’t taken. Finally go with an ugly suggestion from Google.
  14. Agree to the Gmail terms of service.
  15. Put in phone number so Google’s robot lady can call us(!) and read a verification number over the phone.
  16. Enter verification code into the form. Gmail, finally!
  17. Back to the iPad. Use new Gmail address to create an Apple ID.
  18. Agree to the Apple terms of service again.
  19. Apple sends a verification email to the Gmail address. Back to the laptop.
  20. Go to Gmail inbox, follow verification link in the Apple email.
  21. Enter Apple password to finish verification.
  22. Back to iPad. Can’t proceed without credit card information on file.
  23. Enter credit card information, but the fields have scrolled off screen, so we’re typing blind.
  24. Mistyped security code. Try again.
  25. Failed again. Can’t submit form without a Mr. Ms. or Dr. on your name.
  26. Now we have an Apple ID. Go to App Store to try it out.
  27. Download free Netflix app, type Apple ID and password.
  28. Open Netflix app to have a look. What is your Netflix username and password?
  29. No idea. We’ll skip this for now.
  30. Back to the App Store for what he really wants: Pages.
  31. Ready to spend $9.99. Tap Buy. “this app requires iOS 5.0 or later” WTF x10!
  32. We need iTunes on a PC to update the system. Do you have iTunes on your laptop? Of course not.
  33. Head downstairs. Peggy’s PC has iTunes.
  34. Open iTunes, connect iPad.
  35. Please register your product. Another form: name, occupation, age.
  36. Agree to more terms of service.
  37. Can’t update without synching first. Synching…
  38. An update is available! Start the 758 Mb download.
  39. When the download is complete, the update will be installed.
  40. Baby needs her nap, we gotta go home. Hope everything is ok!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Life Lessons

I’m still figuring this out at 36 years old:

Don’t combine single malt scotch and karaoke in one party.