Wednesday, January 04, 2006

What's Up with SAP?

Last year, Texas State University completed a painful migration of all its HR systems to SAP. I had heard about SAP before, but I had never had any interactions with it. They are well known as one of the top dogs (if not the top dog) in so-called enterprise resource planning. I don't have any knowledge of how it works behind the scenes, but I can't begin to tell you how bad their web user interface is. I'd better just show you a sample:

It may be a little difficult to see, but there are three vertical scroll bars and two horizontal scroll bars!!

The red warning at the top reads:
If you experience a blank screen while working in the SAP Portal, press the Enter key on your keyboard to continue through the blank screen.


But here's the really cool part. When I upgraded my browser to Firefox 1.5, all hell broke loose in SAP. Each button is now a sliver one pixel wide. While I can still click them, I have to hover over each button until the tool tip tells me what it is. And the paycheck report is completely broken.

I can access the paycheck report in Safari, but not the timesheet entry.

SAP's revenues in Q3 2005 were €2.01 billion.

If you can be so well paid for such crap, break me off a piece of that!

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