Saturday, March 01, 2008

Friends of Obama

I went to see the Obama rally in San Marcos on Wednesday night. It was a big deal for our sleepy town and oft-overlooked university, so everybody who was anybody was there, to the tune of around fifteen thousand warm bodies.

They set up a weird pair of barricades though, for security purposes, which meant that the direct path from the university to the park was unavailable. Since there’s also a river to contend with, the alternative was to walk a mile up river to the bridge at the golf course and then a mile back down river to the rally. I was in a posse of around two hundred and fifty doing just that. It’s a dark back road that not many people know about, though I’ve been down it many many times as it’s in my neighborhood and I have a three-year-old son who only falls asleep if he’s riding in the car.

Girl #1: Where the hell are we? This is some Texas Chainsaw Massacre shit right here!
Girl #2: I know where this is. We go here in my jogging class. This is going to come out over by the golf course.
— long pause —
Girl #1: Why did you take a jogging class?!
Girl #2: Because it said “emphasis on walking!”


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